2142 Easter egg Found in Battlefield 3 End Game

Battlefield 3 endgame

The new Battlefield 3 End Game DLC has an Easter egg in it which could be linked to Battlefield 2142. There is a drop-ship that resembles the Battlefield 2142 faction and it can be seen by players flying all over the place in the Kharg Island once gamers install the downloadable content.

Many believe that this could be an indication that s new futuristic shooter in the form of a new Battlefield game is on the way soon.Various video games tend to leave hints of a sequel at the end of a game. In this case, the last DLC pack has led fans to gossip about a new installment in the series.

The Easter egg is very similar to the Easter egg that was unveiled in the previous Aftermath DLC that was released not so long ago. Never the less, that is all the content finished and released for Battlefield 3 for good. We hope you all enjoyed the game, and we’ll have news on any sequels in the future.

Battlefield 3 endgame
Battlefield 3 EndGame

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