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Battlefield 3 DLC Sale Event Now on at XBL Marketplace

Battlefield 3 DLC Xbox Sale

Electronic Arts first-person shooter (Battlefield 3 premium) is currently on sale with an amazing 30% off at the Xbox Live Marketplace. There’s currently a B3 sale going on at the XBLM at the moment, where you can also acquire any DLC that’s been released for the game for an incredible 50% off.

The sale will start today, and continue on Xbox Live right through to May 20th 2013. EA are known for giving their loyal fans some really great deals when it comes to the games that they develop and publish. Battlefield 3 is no different, with massive savings on offer for gamers.

You can check out the deals of the week promotion by clicking here and taking a good look at the list yourself.

Battlefield 3 DLC Xbox Sale
Battlefield 3 DLC Xbox Sale

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