Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Out Today On PS3

Battlefield 3 End Game PS3

B3 PlayStation 3 premium subscribers can get the last Battlefield 3 DLC today, called End Game. The full game released well over a year ago now in October 2011. Since it’s release, Battlefield 3 has created a strong fan base for their future sequels and spin offs.

When the game first came out, it was up against Call of duty: Black ops 2 and although Black ops got the title of best selling video game of all time, B3 competed well. There were gamers who preferred Black ops, gamers who preferred Battlefield 3, and gamers who liked both of the shooting games equally.

Given the huge worldwide success of their game, EA have continued to bring out new downloadable content from month to month in an attempt to keep their B3 fans happy. End Game will be the last DLC ever released for Battlefield 3, so it all comes to an end this month.

Battlefield 3: End Game will be available on the PlayStation 3 before any other console. This is because Sony have a personal business deal with Electronic Arts. Battlefield 3 PS3 premium owners will have access to the new content as of today.

PC and Xbox 360 premium Battlefield 3 owners can begin downloading End Game on March 12th. So that is only a week today, not long for PC and Xbox 360 owners to wait. PS3 owners who don’t have a B3 premium membership can purchase End Game on March 19th.

Xbox 360 and PC owners who also don’t have a premium membership, will have to wait until March 26th to purchase it.

Battlefield 3 End Game PS3
Battlefield 3: End Game PS3

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