Thief 4 Info And Release Date

The long awaited Thief 4 is set to be released on the PS4, Xbox 720 and PC next year sometime. The games title will actually be changed and it will now be called Thief. Garret will be the main character in the upcoming game and we even have some screenshots for you aswell.

Thief will be set in a city that will indeed be called just City, and players must simply steal loads of items in mission type levels.The city will be full of people who have encountered the plague in what will be a Gothic looking setting.

This game can be interpreted as a reboot of some kind, so revamping the thief series will be the game developers intentions here.

Thief will get a release date soon, but what we can tell you is that the game will be out sometime in 2014. Check out the screenshot of the upcoming title below and leave us your thoughts.

Thief 4

Thief 4

Thief Reboot

Thief Reboot





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