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Battlefield 3 PC version Suffers Disconnect Issues

Battlefield 3 PC Issues

Dice working on a fix for B3 PC edition

The PC version of Battlefield 3 has had some terrible disconnection problems over the past few days when players have tried to play multiplayer matches. The full development team over at Dice have said that they are currently working their hardest to create a fix for the issues.

The game developers even tweeted to all of their followers on the social networking site (Twitter) this following message:

Nobody actually know what the exact cause of these disconnecting problems are. Dice have made it clear however, that they’ll not stop until the matter has been completely resolved.

They’re currently taking feedback from fans and are in deep conversation with them to try and better understand the glitch. Dice have stated that they are unable to give a time-frame of when the issue will be properly resolved.

The studio are currently working on the upcoming highly anticipated sequel (Battlefield 4) at the moment. That might have to be put on hold until the PC edition’s problems are sorted out though.

Battlefield 3 PC Issues
Battlefield 3 PC Issues

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