The Final Max Payne 3 DLC Details

Finally we have got the the very last Max Payne 3 DLC and it will officially be released by Rockstar Games on January 22nd. This will be the final piece of gaming left if you have completed every single inch of the games so far. The pack will become available on every single platform but released on different days.

The pack will include brand new co-op modes along with action filled multiplayer add on bonuses. The downloadable content will be named the deathmatch made in heaven.

The pack will become available globally on the 22nd on PC for as little as £7.29 and Xbox live for approximately 800 valid Microsoft points. However, for PlayStation 3 owners the wait will be until January 30th if you are based in Europe.

You can have access to this content if you are a Rockstar season pass owner for absolutely nothing. That’s the times when you think that being a season pass holder holds dividends.

Max Payne 3 DLC

Final Max Payne 3 DLC

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