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Temple Run 2 Downloaded Over 20 Million Times

Temple Run 2

Yes you read the title right and are not seeing double, Temple Run 2 has been downloaded well over 20 million times in a matter of four whole days. This accomplishment shouldn’t go underestimated by anyone. Having a game downloaded that many times overall is enough to call it a success.

The mobile game developers (Imangi Studios) are pleased with the number that their game has managed to be downloaded thus far. Not surprising really as it has come as a shock to many people, not just them. There are expected to be many more downloads over the coming weeks and months so we may be back with another story on this one.

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This great success is even better than expected because those downloads only count on IOS. The sequel game is not yet out on Amazon app store or the Android either. Once the mobile game is optimized for those two gateways then it will surely have even greater success.

The overall game session count is at well over 215 million and counting so far. So the mobile game is actually being played as well by the people who choose to download it. Also it is second in the top grossing list for iPhone and is expected to rise dramatically.

Temple Run 2
Temple Run 2

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