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Next Madden Video Game Due August 27th

Madden NFL 25th Anniversary

The next Madden video game has been announced by game developers EA Sports in a teaser image kind of way. On the official Madden NFL website, there is an image that appears to signify a 25th anniversary edition of the game.

The date that it has on the image is August 27th, so that is when you should be thinking of a release date. We are guessing, but judging by the picture on the official site, we can be quietly confident in our rumour.

It has to be said that Madden NFL 13 was a major success for EA Sports and is now ranked in the top ten for most profits for the company. The 25th anniversary is either a complete game re-branding, or it is a one off special edition for the franchises fans.

As soon as we get more news on this topic, we will post it on the site as soon as possible. The image as seen below is the one that has got every NFL fan talking on the social networking sites.

Madden NFL 25th Anniversary
Madden NFL 25th Anniversary

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