New GTA 5 Release Date Set For September 17th

GTA 5 Release Date

The news this week that Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was being delayed, was not music to the fans ears. GTA 5 was supposed to have a release date for the Spring of 2013. Now though, that has all been changed and the long awaited video game is now due on September 17th 2013.

There were loads of hardcore GTA fans venting their fury at the bad news this week. The shares for Take Two have even fallen to 11% per share from 13% before the famous announcement.

We have done various posts over the last month on the upcoming GTA 5 game. We will continue to make public, all the latest news regarding the popular shooter game as well. By using the GTA series tag, you will be able to bring up every bit of content we have written on the series to date.

We will have more on Grand Theft Auto 5 in the next couple of days so make sure that you check back periodically.

GTA 5 Release Date

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