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Call Of Duty: Black Op 2 Windows Patch

A new patch has been released by Activision for their army shooter game Call of duty: Black ops 2. The patch will smooth certain things up on the Windows version of the game.

Most of the updates are for the Zombies and multiplayer modes so players can have a better user experience with these modes now. The full list of updates are as follows below.

General Gameplay

  • The red flash damage bar has been adjusted slightly for the toughness perk
  • In the hardcore modes, their will be reduced guardian damage now

Multiplayer Updates

  • In the search preferences, gamers can now set a specific maximum ping
  • Vital enhancements to the matchmaking system
  • Ping numbers have now replaced the ping bars

Zombies & Multiplayer Updates

  • Additional hint text tool helper tips for the map voter buttons
  • The issue of care packages bouncing high have been resolved
  • In FFA games, the team filter highlight reels have been fixed
  • In the calling cards menu, the issue with the scroll bar has been fixed
  • While in combat record, clicking on multiple items will now be much more possible
  • The dog spawns in slums has been resolved
  • In the theatre mode, the disappearing fog whilst flying in the laboratory has been fixed in Tranzit
  • Taking screenshots in theatre mode bug has been addressed
  • Players will now not say the incorrect dialogue anymore
  • Various locations where gamers can survive a safe landing in unplayable places will now be a possibility
  • The buildables system issues will now have gone away for good

So those are the main updates that have been addressed by the game developers in this latest patch released for COD: Black ops 2. As soon as there are anymore, we will post them on our site.

Black ops 2 windows patch
Black ops 2 windows patch





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