New COD: Black Ops 2 Patch Update Arriving Soon

Black Ops 2 Patch Update
Black Ops 2 Patch Update

A new patch for the latest Call of duty game Black ops 2 is near to completion and can be expected to arrive some time not too far in the future. The game makers have came out and said that this new and enhanced patch will see many changes that will be for the good of the game.

The iconic Theatre mode will make a return after it was controversially taken offline following some in game glitches that it was apparently causing to players. A new and improved patch will be more than welcome as far as Black ops 2 gamers are concerned.

A brand new patch is just what the doctor ordered and will be well timed with it’s arrival following the massive achievements the game has overcome these past few weeks. We want to hear from you in our very own comment box on what you would like changed or not changed during the next patch update.

You don’t have to be shy, let us know your feelings on the subject matter by subscribing to our blog or commenting in the field below. We will have more news on this unfolding story as it gains more ground in the coming days ahead.

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