Black Ops 2 Finally Reaches $1bn In Sales

Black Ops 2 Sales

The Call of duty series has hit another amazing milestone today as the latest game (Black ops 2) reached the $1billion profit mark. This extraordinary achievement was made even more impressive given the fact that the game has only been out for just 15 days.

The sum of money made is equivalent in UK great British pound to £621.5m in sales made. This is something that can’t be missed by the games competitors to easily. Black ops 2 has even gone as far as beating it’s own record if you will by overtaking the record set by the previous installment Modern Warfare 3.

A Huge Milestone Achieved

The latest Call of duty game beat it’s predecessor by one day in getting to the huge milestone. On the opening day of the big release, it was reported that the sales for Black ops 2 were in fact down by a staggering 20%. That can all be swept under the carpet now as the game looks like it has made amends big time.

This is pure reality and fact that the gaming industry is now bigger than the film/movie industry in regards to sales figures. Now Black ops 2 has made more money than a big hit film like the new James Bond movies Skyfall. This really does send a message out saying that the games business is exactly where the money is at this moment in time.

This particular Call of duty game had some massive competition along the way as well. Given the fact that it was up against big game titles like Assassins Creed 3 and Halo 4, the game has not done too badly. Let us know your thoughts on this massive achievement by the team behind the COD franchise.

Black Ops 2 Sales
Black Ops 2 Hits $1bn

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