The Creative Assembly Join Forces With Warhammer

The Creative Assembly has officially joined forces with the massive gaming franchise that is Warhammer to bring out more of the games. The announcement was made by huge gaming company Saga this morning. Work for the new game is expected to completed either mid or late 2013 time.

There have been previous versions of the series in Warhammer 40,000 which did rather well with sales figures over the years. However, it has not really lifted off or gained as much interest as the model versions do. It is the 25th anniversary of the gaming giant and they want to make a huge statement and celebration of the games.

Saga have not really added any other details about this sudden decision to take on the Warhammer series. All they want is to make the franchise popular again and hope that they can influence the younger generation to take an interest in Warhammer for the future.

The more that we get on this story, you will be the first to hear about it here on blog. There should be more on this story in the next couple of days we would imagine.

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