Patch 1.02 Released On PC For Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Patch 1.02

Game developers of the new shoot em up game Far cry 3 have released a new patch update for the PC version. The patch is called 1.02 and will improve many things that need addressing including the glitches that have been annoying gamers.

This will include such glitches as the map editor freezes and crashes when your character falls through the world. Also the general team balancing will have much needed stability. Once you restart your game you will then be able to download the all new patch for the PC.

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Here is the full list of glitch fix components that will improve the game after you have the new patch up and running.

The Multiplayer Fix On Patch 1.02

  1. When you create a map and use more than 7 players, there will be no more problems.
  2. In the Multiplayer and the co-operative modes, there will be much better matchmaking available.
  3. When you are playing in a party, you will have more balancing in your team.
  4. More issues are fixed with the live balancing system patch.
  5. A general fix for the all important map editor.

Other than the mutiplayer fixes that were needed for the new patch on Far cry 3, there were also some adjustments for the single player mode. Here is the list of fixes for them as well.

The Single Player Fix On Patch 1.02

  1. When gamers are not actually connected to the Ubisoft servers, players will no longer fall through the world anymore.
  2. When in the world map, When you view the start trial and view leaderboard menus, they will be fixed from now on.
  3. When players quit to their desktop, there will be much more stability from now on.
  4. The leaderboards are completely fixed on the PC version.

Check back with us now and again to see when the next patches for all your favourite games come out.

Far Cry 3 Patch 1.02
Far Cry 3 Patch 1.02

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