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New Call of Duty Game Confirmed For This Year

Activision have confirmed that a new Call of duty game will come out this year in 2013. There are various rumours on the net sufficing that it could be Modern Warfare 4. The game publishers have said that the new title will not be as successful as last years COD: Black ops 2.

The Call of duty creators said that their series continues to raise the bar and perform well each and every year they release a new addition of the famous shoot em up series.

A release date is expected between the months of October-December 2013 in what will be the tenth installment in the popular series. Gamers should expect that the next Call of duty game will be on the PlayStation 4 and/or Xbox 720 too. Both of the next generation consoles are predicted to be released around the same estimated time as the new COD title.

Activision have a total of five different studios that are working separately on the next Call of duty game. Actor Bill Murray who plays the voice of the character Captain Price in the franchise, reportedly said that the new game will be Modern Warfare 4.

We’ll most certainly be covering this story with a close eye and we will bring you the latest news as soon as we get it.

Call of duty MW4
Call of duty MW4?

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