Tomb Raider Caves & Cliffs DLC Revealed

There is to be three all new multiplayer maps for Tomb Raider which will be called the Caves & Cliffs DLC. The downloadable content packs will be coming to Xbox Live on the 19th March.

The pack will cost you 400 Microsoft points or £2.80, and you will get Scavenger Caverns pictured below.

Tomb Raider Scavenger Caverns

Tomb Raider Scavenger Caverns

Also, gamers will get another map which is entitled Cliff Shantyown and can also be pictured below. This map will be on location of some tall mountains which sounds great.

Tomb Raider Cliff Shantyown

Tomb Raider Cliff Shantyown

The third map is called The Burning Village and will be all about exactly what the title suggests. Everyone of these packs are playable in the multiplayer mode aswell.

For now though, the downloadable content is only available for the Xbox 360, with the PS3 and Windows PC having to wait for it to be released at a later date.


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