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Tomb Raider Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack Out Now

The new downloadable content Shipwrecked multiplayer map pack is now available via Steam, The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The add-on will cost you £2.50 or $3.99, which is also available to acquire via 320 Microsoft Points as well.

Shipwrecked will be full of action right from the off, and supplies endless game-play that will be sure to thrill Tomb Raider fans.

Shipwrecked multiplayer map pack
Shipwrecked multiplayer map pack

The shipwrecked DLC will enable access to the following maps/levels:

  1. Himiko’s Cradle: This level is really good because you’ll have to have your wits about you because the locals will be out for your blood the whole time that your in their territory. The mountain top is a level that will go down long in the memory.
  2. Lost Fleet: In this level, there’s an abandoned shipwreck (hence the name of the DLC) that contains danger around every corner. Traps and other obstacles will have to be overcome if you are to stay alive.

The Cliffs & Caves DLC was previously launched by Square Enix just the other month. Coming with the downloadable content was Burning Village, Cliff Shantytown and Scavenger Caverns maps. Crystal Dynamics have made it clear that no single player DLC will ever be released for Tomb Raider reborn.

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