Duke Nukem 2 Out on The IOS Next Month

Duke Nukem 2 IOS

The no nonsense hard-man of video games is back and will make his way to the IOS next month. Duke Nukem 2 will have an enhanced port that will contain 32 different stages with quality artwork and music. For an IOS game, this really has to be admired and checked out by the fans of the series.

The Same Game But On Mobile Devices

It will be developed and published by Interceptor Entertainment, the mobile version of Duke Nukem II retains the gameplay and level design of the original game, allowing players to control Mr cool as he fights through various levels to save the world from alien invaders. The game features the same side-scrolling action, platforming challenges, and enemy encounters as the original version.

The iOS version includes updated touch controls specifically tailored for mobile devices, allowing players to move, jump, and shoot using on-screen buttons or gestures. The game also features enhanced visuals and graphics compared to the original release, taking advantage of the capabilities of iOS devices.

In addition to the original levels, the mobile version of Duke Nukem II also includes new levels created specifically for the mobile release, providing additional content for players to enjoy.

The Duke Nukem series however, has always has a large following in terms of fan-base. This release is to actually celebrate the 20 year anniversary since the infamous Duke landed as a 2D character.

The IOS version will cost around £1.32 or $1.99 to purchase, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Duke Nukem 2 IOS
Duke Nukem 2 IOS

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