A Pokemon Themed Nintendo 3DS XL Out Soon

Nintendo have announced that they plan to release a limited-edition 3DS XL gaming system at the end of this current month. The theme will be Pokemon orientated with Pikachu as the chosen character. Pikachu will be on the front with his trademark lightning attack.

The new limited edition 3DS will have Pikachu all happy with his smiling face in bright yellow styled colours. Every single feature that has been associated with every other Nintendo 3DS will also be available on this one too.

Interactive touch screen, built-in cameras, glasses-free 3D display and all the other features will be there. The upcoming Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity video game is the reason for such a release. Also, most of the Pokemon fans will probably want to get their hands on one of these beauty’s.

Upon purchasing the new 3DS, gamers will also get 4-GB SD memory card along with the handheld. The Pokemon 3DS will cost £132 or $200 and will be released on March 24th 2013.

Nintendo 3DS Pokemon

Nintendo 3DS Pokemon

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