The Xbox 360 is The Top Console For February in US

Xbox 360 US Sales

It has been revealed that the Microsoft Xbox 360 is the top games console for February in the US. The Xbox 360 has now been the top selling video gaming console in the US for the past 26 months. That alone is a staggering statistic and one that Microsoft will surely be pleased with.

The NPD Group rounded up all the essential statistics for Microsoft to publish and let the world know. The overall sales are very impressive with 302,000 individual Xbox 360 units sold last month alone!

This trend is unlikely to continue for the foreseeable future as all good things have to come to an end. This will not be through in-complacency though, just the fact that the next gen consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4 will be out this year. We can’t personally see the Xbox 360 beating that kind of machine in a hurry.

Xbox 360 US Sales
Xbox 360 US Sales

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