Mark of The Ninja Special Edition DLC Coming Soon

A special edition DLC of Mark of The Ninja has been announced by Klei Entertainment to be released this summer. The downloadable content will be available for gamers to download on Xbox Live Arcade and Steam once it’s launched later this year.

There’s to be a new level in the special edition that covers the early part of Dosan’s life. On top of that, there are other added features that have been implemented into the one-off DLC which include:

  • There will be English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian commentary added to the game.
  • There’s to be two totally new items that involve both stealth and attack, which will be available in the DLC and main full game.
  • A added new look style of play will be a key feature that is implemented into the game, which will include lethal attacks and non-lethal attacks to be mastered.

As this is a news story from the past couple of minutes, there’s not a lot more we can tell you. Stay with us throughout the year though to acquire all the information on the game as we post it right here on our website.

Mark of The Ninja DLC

Mark of The Ninja DLC

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