Mark of the Ninja Special Edition DLC Out Next Week

Mark of The Ninja

The Mark of the Ninja Special Edition Downloadable content pack will be released on Xbox Live and Steam next week. Make sure that you put down August 16th down in your diary if you’re interested in acquiring it, because that’s the date that Eurogamer have said the Klei Entertainment DLC title add-on is out.

The pack will cost you £3.25/$4.99 or 400 Microsoft points to buy, and it’ll give you a new costume, two brand new items and it will add one new prequel level as well. There will also be an optional developer’s commentary track that you can listen to for every single stage.

Mark of The Ninja
Mark of The Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is basically a 2D stealth action game where the lead character must sneak through a variety of different environments and make sure to stay well out of sight. The game was released last year in September for the Xbox 360, and October for the Windows PC.

The title has received critical acclaim from some of the best critics in the world as well as gamers who’ve played the game themselves.

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