Ecco The Dolphin Reboot in The Works

The Big Blue Game

It’s been over 20 years since the original Ecco The Dolphin hit our screens on the old Sega Megadrive. Now, video games developers (Kickstarter) plan to bring the sea adventure fun loving game back with a bang.

The popular ocean exploring game was played by many gamers in the early days when the Sega Megadrive was the modern games console. Many, (including us) never thought we’d see the day when it would make it’s long awaited return. Kickstarter want to put the old team together who compiled the first original game.

Upon setting that team of experts up, they want to raise just over £438,000 or $665,000 to fund the project. There will be such creatures in the waters like Sea Dragons and Giant Octopus. This will be the ultimate ocean exploring game on the planet.

If Kickstarter were to raise 50% more on the original total, then they have said that they’d make the game a cooperative and multiplayer version too. If the original amount actually gets doubled, then they have plans to make the Ecco reboot a MMO.

This reboot will not actually be called Ecco The dolphin, instead it’ll be named The Deep Blue. Ecco will presumably still be the main character that players control in the game. If you want to see an early version that is going to be worked on, then you can try it out by clicking here.

The Big Blue has been given a release date of April 22nd 2014 next year. So far the game will be coming out on the Windows PC with other consoles yet to be announced.

The Big Blue Game
The Big Blue

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