PS4 To Launch November 22nd 2013 Hints Ubisoft

Sony PS4 Release Date

At the end of the new trailer for (Watch_Dogs) a release date was officially announced for the PlayStation 4 bound game. Basically, Ubisoft have confirmed for many of us the PS4 release date and that will be the 22nd November 2013 in the UK.

Sony Computer Entertainment have remained completely tight lipped on the release date for their upcoming next-gen console. It’s been like getting water off of a ducks back in many circumstances. It’s been surprising that there have been no leaks from third party’s too.

Industry specialists reckon that both Microsoft and Sony would realistically like to launch both of their new next generation consoles just before Christmas in the United Kingdom and other gaming areas.

Ubisoft have confirmed that Watch_Dogs will also be available to buy at the launch of the PlayStation 4. It doesn’t take a genius to work out then, that the PS4 will be out either on the 22nd or even sooner. The game will be out in the US on 18th November a couple of days earlier than the UK.

This to date, is the most compounding and solid evidence of the upcoming PlayStation 4 release date. November would also be perfect for both of the major consoles to be launched by their respective gaming giants.

Both Microsoft and Sony would like to get their consoles out and ready in the US for Thanks-giving and Black Friday. Both of which occur in November, with Christmas just around the corner after that.

Are you as excited about this latest revelation into the release date for the PS4? Let us know what you personally think on when exactly the next-gen consoles will be out.

Sony PS4 Release Date
Sony PS4 Release Date

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