Rift Will Be Going Free-To-Play On June 12th

Rift free-to-play

Trion Worlds have today, announced that their hugely successful long running MMORPG (Rift) will be going free-to-play as of June 12th 2013. The MMO has already been out for well over 25 months and Trion now think the time is right to make the switch to F2P.

Players who choose to select the free option, will be able to play through all the character levels, dungeons and quests. However, they’ll carry fewer bags and have less character slots. Perhaps those exact options will be a part of the service where players will have to buy added content for real money.

Trion will also take up the option to sell the classes from it’s Storm Legion expansion pack, along with all the items.

Bill Fisher who’s the creative director said: “We are not selling power. We are not pay to win. Every piece of stat-granting equipment that you can buy from the store can also be gained through play.” he added: “Our philosophy is that the very best gear in the game must be earned.”

The Subscriptions fees will offer enhanced boosts to in-game reputation, money, mount speed, XP and other added extras that will require purchasing. Rift version 2.3 will also be launching on June 12th, so it’s going to be a busy day for developers Trion Worlds.

The new version will contain more open-world raid bosses, new zones, additional quests and extra rift challenges. Are you excited about Rift going free-to-play? Let us know your views by using the comments box designated below.

Rift free-to-play
Rift free-to-play

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    1. Why is free bad? Other than the obvious “it’s probably a last ditch attempt to save a dying game”.

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