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Will Smith: From Hollywood to Tencent’s Open-World RPG, Undawn

Undawn x Will Smith
Undawn x Will Smith

Hollywood heavyweight Will Smith is set to grace Tencent’s forthcoming free-to-play open-world survival RPG, Undawn, lending his persona to the gameplay. This represents Smith’s initial foray into the gaming sphere, adding another exciting element to his extensive portfolio, which is filled with numerous film hits.

The Hollywood Star’s Entry into Gaming

As the calendar turns to June 15th, the virtual curtain lifts on Tencent’s Undawn, beckoning players on mobile and PC platforms to band together to repel waves of formidable foes. Despite recent controversies surrounding Will Smith, the actor’s steadfast presence in the film industry since the ’90s, and his notable performances in survival-themed movies like Men In Black, I Am Legend, and I, Robot, make him a fitting choice for the rough-and-tumble world of Undawn.

Tencent’s Trailer: Will Smith in Action

Tencent unveiled Smith’s association with Undawn via a YouTube snippet that offers a glimpse into his character’s existence in the game’s immersive open-world, crafted by the talented team at Lightspeed Studios. The sneak peek initiates with Smith’s avatar arming himself to confront a horde of adversaries. His adept dispatching of the attackers, ending with a monstrous, orange-spiked beast, underscores the meticulous attention given to his character design.

Resonating echoes of Smith’s Robert Neville from I Am Legend, the concluding sequence of the Undawn x Will Smith trailer frames the character traversing desolate urban sprawl. This not only gives fans a taste of the open world’s impressive scale, but also reveals that pre-registration is open for Undawn, complete with enticing rewards such as various types of in-game currency, valuable equipment, and beneficial items.

Additional tiers may be unlocked based on the number of sign-ups. However, the exact role of Smith’s in-game avatar, whether a playable hero or an NPC providing objectives, remains shrouded in mystery. Basically as the trailer ends it does so without shedding light on this aspect.

Finally with the game’s pre-release sign-ups already breaching the two million mark, the inclusion of Will Smith in Undawn could potentially entice a larger player base. Marking Smith’s debut in the gaming domain, Tencent’s Undawn could prove a fruitful venture for the actor, potentially paving the way for future collaborations within the gaming industry.

Undawn is slated for release on mobile devices and PC platforms come June 15th.

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