Diablo 3’s Birthday Offers EXP Boosts & Magic Find

Diablo 3 Birthday

To celebrate the Diablo 3 anniversary, Blizzard have decided to give their loyal fan-base some much welcomed in-game boosts. The bonus includes dungeon-crawlers receiving an extra 25% bonus to both EXP and magic find. The special bonus will also go above the usually fixed 300 percent cap.

However, this birthday offer only lasts up until the 21st of May, so you’ll have to play the game like mad until that date to take full advantage of the rewards offer. Diablo 3 was launched one year ago, and that’s the reason for Blizzard Entertainment giving out these boosts.

There’s also good news for Diablo 3 Twitch users, with streamers supplying free gifts, giveaways and hosting special live streams for players. The full schedule can be accessed by clicking here.

It’s been a busy week for the famous role-playing game, Blizzard recently announced that the in-game gold reserves will be expanding. Will you be taking advantage of this anniversary offer by Blizzard? Let us know your thoughts by commenting in the field below.

Diablo 3 Birthday
Diablo 3 Birthday

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