Microsoft Explains Always-Online And Used Games

Xbox One Details

Digital Downloads And Game Installations

Microsoft have said that gamers will be able to buy disc-based games online through Xbox Live or at the traditional retailers.The disc option will still be a fantastic way to install all of your games quickly and easily.

After signing into your accounts and installing, you can play any of your chosen games from any Xbox One console because a digital copy of your game will be stored on your console and in the cloud too. Players will still be able to access their full library from other consoles too.

Used Games Explained

Microsoft have given out details on rentals, trade-ins and lending out your video games to friends and family. They said that you’ll still be able to trade in your unwanted Xbox One titles at retailers and lend them out to friends.

They explained that third party publishers may opt in or indeed out of supporting game resale, and may go for the option of setting up transfer fees or business terms with retailers. They confirmed that they’ll not receive any type of compensation for this, and it’s up to third-party publishers to enable you to give your games to friends.

your family and friends, your guests, colleagues and acquaintances will get unlimited access to all of your owned video games. You must note however, you will only be able to give them to people who’ve been on your friends list for a minimum of 30 days and each game can only be given out once.

Always-Online Explained

Microsoft have explained many times before that Xbox One has been designed to run in a low-powered and connected state. This simply means that your entire system, including apps and games are always currently online and ready to play whenever. This will be good news in a way as it means no more waiting for those dreaded updates.

A persistent connection is not necessarily required, the Xbox One is specifically designed to verify if the system, game or application updates are needed at anytime. This is simply to see if you’ve resold, traded in or acquired new games.

You’ll be able to game offline for up to 24 hours on your primary console, or alternatively one hour if you’re logged-on to a separate console elsewhere accessing your own library. The offline gaming option is just not possible after thereafter until you re-establish a connection at some point, but you can still watch live TV, DVD and Blu-ray movies.

Xbox One Details
Xbox One Details

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