Sony Increase PS4 Friend List To 2,000

PS4 Friends List

Compared to the awful 100 for the PlayStation 3, the new PS4 will be capable of adding up to 2,000 players to your friends list.

PS4 Friends List
PS4 Friends List

Both of the Xbox 360 and PS3 friends list was not good enough, with the maximum of only 100 friends being allowed to be added to each of the respected consoles. Gamers can add their mates via Sony’s PSN ID’s for the PS3 and GamerTags for Microsoft’s machine. After that, gamers would then have no option but to delete unwanted friends to make space for new ones.

Officially being revealed via the Access video channel, the PlayStation 4 will now enable players to add up to 2,000 friends to their list. It seems like that number is more than enough for most people. However, this all ties in with Sony wanting to make their next-gen system extremely social.

When all is said and done, the new maximum threshold might actually not be enough for some. The video also tells us that the DualShock 3 won’t be at all supported by the upcoming PS4. The good news is, the PlayStation Move will be though.

Check out the Q&A footage below and get all the information you need.

YouTube video

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