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The DualShock 3 Won’t Work With The PS4

For gamers thinking that maybe the DualShock 3 controller would work with the new PlayStation 4, you’d be completely mistaken. Sony have said that it will not work and the PS4 will not recognize the older version.

The new DualShock 4 is the only compatible match that you will be able to have any joy with on the next generation console. The DualShock 3 should have worked with the PS4 but Sony Computer Entertainment wanted a change for their upcoming console.

This is a shame as it would have saved gamers a considerable amount of extra cash in their pocket if they didn’t need to fork out for a new accessory. Sony have made up their minds though now and will not be changing their mind any time soon.

If you missed out post on it the other day, here is another chance to set your sights on what the brand new PlayStation 4 controller looks like below.

PlayStation 4 Controller
PlayStation 4 Controller

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