DualShock 4 Pre-orders Now On At Amazon

DualShock 4 Amazon

Potential future PlayStation 4 owners can now pre-order a separate DualShock 4 controller straight from Amazon.com for players who are in need of a spare.

The next-gen controller is included in the PS4 bundle deal when you purchase the console as soon as it’s released, but individual controllers are now on sale.

DualShock 4 Amazon
DualShock 4 Amazon

This is for gamers who tend to get a little frustrated with video games and either chuck their DualShocks against the wall or maybe just break them in the heat of the moment. Alternatively, you may need one as a spare or just don’t like sharing with other people because of a hygiene issue.

Whatever the reason, the Amazon listing has a shipping date of 31st December, 2013. The pricing has been set and you can claim yours for £39 / $60 with the tax being excluded. The date is likely to change however, as Sony are yet to announce an official launch day for the upcoming next-generation machine.

The new DualShock 4 has a front-facing touch pad, a share button to broadcast live gaming, a built-in light bar and built-in speakers. It’ll supposedly give players a greater sense of control as well.

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