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PS4 Price Confirmed At 399 USD, Euros or £349 GBP

Sony PS4

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 4 console will launch in North America and Europe for $399/€399 or £349 respectively. Microsoft’s Xbox One console was also confirmed this morning to be priced even more expensive at £429 / $499 / €499.

So the PS4 will be considerably cheaper than the Xbox One system which makes the Sony console even more lucrative and tempting to purchase over Microsoft’s machine.

Sony PS4
Sony PS4

SCE showed off it’s new upcoming console at the E3 conference for the very first time in which the Gaikai service was also confirmed at the same time. The service will go live in 2014 in the US, which in-turn will make classic PlayStation 3 titles available through the cloud service.

There’s currently 30 PS4 exclusive titles that Sony Worldwide Studio’s have got to date. 20 of those titles, will launch in the first year that the PS4 will be released. In total, there’s well over 140 titles that are being produced for the PS4, 100 of those will become available in the first year of launch.

The SCE also cleared up the matter of used-games and said that disc versions will be allowed to be sold or traded to friends and family alike. The dreaded always-online feature was also mentioned, and PS4 games will not require a regular connection.

The other good news is that PlayStation Plus memberships will also carry over to the new machine too. Members will be getting all of the benefits for the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4 for only one price.

Just some of the benefits include cloud game saves, exclusive discounts, online multiplayer access and Instant Game Collection. Sony are set to offer the DriveClub PS Plus Edition for the Instant Game Collection as a way to celebrate the launch of the PlayStation Plus for PS4.

PlayStation 4 owners will also have to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus service to play online multiplayer.

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