Xbox One pre-orders Ahead of The PS4 In The UK

UK retailers have reported that the newly announced Xbox One console is ahead as far as pre-orders are concerned over their rivals, the PlayStation 4. Shockingly one retailer in the UK  claims that Microsoft’s machine received more pre-orders in it’s first 24 hours of launch compared to what the PS4 has accomplished since being announced back in February this year.

Xbox One Console

Xbox One Console

Many other stores have revealed that there has also been a rise in orders for the Sony PlayStation 4 in recent weeks too. Most notably since the official Xbox One reveal just the other week.

It seems like most gamers were just waiting for both next-gen consoles to be released and then to make their final decision once they had seen them both. The fact that the new Xbox has the always-online internet requirements and used video games policy don’t do the machine any favours at all.

The home entertainment system won’t have to be always-online, but instead it will have to be connected to the Internet once every 24 hours. What do you make of all the announcements regarding both of the next generation gaming consoles? Publish your comments below and let us know what you think.

PS4 Dual Shock4 Controller

PS4 Dual Shock4 Controller

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