GT6 Demo Drives Your Way Next Week

Sony have announced that the Gran Turismo 6 demo will land on the PSN next week July 2nd at 9.00am BST.

GT6 Demo

GT6 Demo

A blog post on the official PlayStation blog revealed that the demo will be a GT Academy-style driver training concept. Gamers will have to constantly learn the skills in what it takes to drive the best cars. It will also be a freebie and players won’t require any type of GT membership in order to get access.

The course set in the demo will be Silverstone in Northamptonshire, England, which is the official home of the Gran Turismo academy. It’s also a confirmed track that will appear in the finished full version.

Once players have successfully completed the earlier rounds in the GT Academy regions, they can then post their times to the leaderboard to see if they’ve done enough to progress onwards to the next round and therefore unlocking more additional content.

The demo will stay completely live up until 1st August 2013, so video gamers will have to act quickly in July if they want to test the driving simulator out.

The full length edition will be out in the final quarter of 2013 for the PlayStation 3 console.

Gran Turismo 6 Demo

Gran Turismo 6 Demo

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