GTA V Walk-through Guides Announced

GTA 5 Strategy Guide

There’s not really a surprise that a strategy guide is going to be released for Grand Theft Auto 5 this year. BradyGames have decided to launch a pair of walk-through manuals to help gamers complete the off-mission activities.

One will be a standard edition, and the other will be a limited time only edition for fans to get their hands on. GTA 5 is going to be one of the biggest video games of the year, so there’s no shock at this announcement in all honesty.

The strategy guides will specifically be for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the popular open-world shoot em up title. The pair are currently available to pre-order now, and will help you to complete all the mini and story missions, make loads of money, and complete every single inch of the game.

GTA 5 Strategy Guide
GTA 5 Strategy Guide

Check out all the details below on what’s on offer when gamers decide to purchase the cheating manual:

Standard Strategy Guide

  • The maps cover every single square mile of GTA 5 – Rockstar’s biggest, most diverse and most detailed open world to date.
  • The mission maps identify key objectives, specify targets, and chart the fastest path to your own success.
  • A comprehensive walk-through for GTA V.
  • Get to grips with all of the main characters, Trevor, Franklin and Michael: their skills, motivations, unique special abilities and much more.

Limited Edition Walkthrough

  • A sublime collection of Grand Theft Auto 5 illustrations.
  • Hardcover collectible guide.
  • An exclusive lithograph of the official GTA 5 artwork.
  • All of the hints and cheats that are included in the standard edition.

Not to mention, if you pre-order your SG from GAME, you’ll get a lithographic as a special bonus that’s exclusive to the online retailer Game.

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