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GTA 4 XBLM Sale Now On

GTA 4 Sale

The full version Grand Theft Auto 4 game and it’s DLC (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned) are now on sale through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

GTA 4 Sale
GTA 4 Sale

The normal price for GTA IV would be £13/$19.99, but it’s up for £6.50/$9.99 instead now. The Ballad of Gay Tony is half price as you can pick it up for 800 Microsoft Points instead of the usual 1600. Lastly, acquiring the Lost and Damned downloadable content will require you to hand over 400 MS Points at half price also, with it normally costing 800.

Click the above link for the full length title, or click here for the link for both of the DLC add-ons. You’ll have to be sure to check the availability in your own region though, and the sale will be on until the end of this current week. So you will have to act fast in order to get your hands on these fantastic deals.

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