BioShock: Infinite Clash in The Clouds DLC Out Now

BioShock Infinite News

Irrational Games have announced that their Clash in the Clouds challenge pack DLC for BioShock Infinite is out today! The company has also revealed a new two-part campaign add-on entitled Burial at Sea.

The upcoming downloadable content will feature a brand new story for Elizabeth and Booker which will be set in Rapture before the underwater city’s dramatic fall.

BioShock Infinite News
BioShock Infinite News

Ken Levine who’s the Irrational creative director said: “We are really excited to offer our fans the content that they have been asking for. With Clash in the Clouds, people get a pure action experience that takes BioShock Infinite combat to its highest challenge and intensity level. With the Burial at Sea episodes, we are building a Rapture-based narrative experience that is almost entirely built from scratch.”

Clash in the Clouds, which is out today, can be yours to own for £3.69/$5.65 or alternatively you can pay 400 Microsoft Points instead. Both of the Buried at Sea add-on packs will have to be purchased individually for a price of £9.99/$15 or 1200 MP.

The pair of campaigns are actually included in the BioShock Infinite season pass as well. Watch the two new trailers for both the downloadable content packs below, and leave us your thoughts in the comments box.

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