Massive BioShock Infinite DLC Out Today

BioShock Infinite DLC

The long-awaited BioShock Infinite downloadable content has been officially released today and with it, a large collection of bonuses and in-game items have been made available to gamers that were previously only accessible via the special editions.

The newly announced Columbia’s Finest DLC add-on pack has gone live on Steam for PC users, the PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade for 480 Microsoft Points or £3.25 / $4.99. The pack merges items together from both the Upgrade packs and the Industrial Revolution which come from both the Ultimate Songbird and Premium BioShock Infinite special editions.

The DLC will include six rare pieces of gear that will add loot bonuses and additional speed to Booker DeWitt’s complete arsenal. Also, 500 Silver Eagles and five extra lock picks make up the list. Not finishing up there though, the DLC will also unlock two additional weapon upgrades!

They’re both entitled Comstock’s Eagle Eye Sniper Rifle, and Comstock’s China Broom Shotgun. Fans must remember that Columbia’s Finest isn’t in any way part of the BioShock Infinite season pass. The SP has content that includes storyline-based DLC.

The head of Irrational Games (Ken Levine) took to social networking site Twitter a few hours ago and posted the following tweet.

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BioShock Infinite DLC
BioShock Infinite DLC

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