Anno Franchise Turns 15, Ubisoft Celebrate

Anno Online 15th Anniversary

The popular MMO series “Anno” has turned 15 years old this week, and Ubisoft are celebrating it’s ANNOversary (joke courtesy of Ubisoft) with limited time offers and events.

Anno Online 15th Anniversary
Anno Online 15th Anniversary

Within it’s long-running 15 years of existence, the Anno franchise has knocked up five major game releases. To date, the series has sold a staggering 5 million copies worldwide, and the very latest installment, Anno 2070, has netted over 1 million copies already.

Here’s all the details for browser-based MMO free-to-play version, Anno Online:

People from the kingdom are travelling to settle some new islands and their flotilla needs to stop by the player’s island for provisions. Players will help them repair their ships by completing new quests. Additionally, the King’s cartographer, who has been travelling for some time, has discovered a mysterious island covered with ruins from an unknown civilisation.

He will ask players to help him solve numerous mysteries and discover wondrous treasures available in this new land. Series veterans will also be pleased to see that Blue Byte has implemented objects from all previous ANNO games in the event, so players should keep an eye out for them! To unlock sectors on this island, the player will need to finish a series of quests given by the cartographer.

  • Explore important ruins via exploration spot mechanics: Players will have to explore spots on the map by investing time and resources, but they will be rewarded with unique rewards.
  • Buff the Adventurer’s building (quest)
  • Help with costs (quest)
  • Find the missing persons (quest)

For support with this, there’s two brand new currencies that have been especially introduced called Doubloons and Planks. Doubloons are quest rewards, and they’ll allow the purchase of three additional new buildings, two buffs, and one super-cool premium ship.

Planks can be obtained by simply participating in the community competition, or through the quests. They unlock special rewards and achievements, and the best plank collector’s will acquire the Hero of the Event title.

If players decide to log-in whilst this event is live, they’ll receive a limited time only exclusive 15th anniversary statue as a bonus extra.

Anno Online Celebrates
Anno Online Celebrates

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