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Xbox One: COD Ghosts Receives Cloud-Powered Dedicated Servers

Call of Duty Ghosts Cloud Servers

COD: Ghosts is to have dedicated servers that are to be cloud-powered, Activision have confirmed today. The news was confirmed at Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom press event. Not only that, a brand new game mode entitled Blitz was shown to the public as well.

Call of Duty Ghosts Cloud Servers
Call of Duty Ghosts Cloud Servers

Not stopping there either, a new map named Chasm, which is set on location in an old ruined city street was also showcased as well. There was plenty of men with guns, dogs, an unusual invisibility cloak, and drone choppers.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts premium console bundle was also announced by Microsoft, which includes an Xbox One game’s console, the official full game, Kinnect and bonus game content. All the downloadable content packs will still be timed exclusives, and that hasn’t changed. There was no official release date stated or pricing unfortunately.

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