Call of Duty Ghosts Into The Deep Gameplay

COD Ghosts Into The Deep

Activision have been rather busy today with their E3 showcase of the upcoming COD: Ghosts shooter. They’ve just premiered the first official gameplay footage at their very own E3 show.

The whole show lasted around about the half hour mark but the first piece of footage was rather interesting. They showed a video of an underwater level that’s entitled “Into The Deep” and we’ve got a video at the end of this article that’s about 5 minutes long, so you can enjoy watching that a good few times.

COD Ghosts Into The Deep
COD Ghosts Into The Deep

There’s plenty of explosions and stealth espionage going on in this mission as two soldiers sneak about in the deep blue ocean. The footage does take some time to get into, but once it gets going your eyes will be glued to the screen. After all, this is the first official game-play trailer that Ghosts has brought to the table.

Check out the full five minute video below and let us know what you think about the new underwater level.

YouTube video

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