Fable 3 Is Now Free On XBLM

Gamers can now get Lionhead’s action RPG Fable 3 for nothing on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You’ll be able to obtain the game even if you don’t currently have an Microsoft Points left in your account.

All that you’ve got to do, is select “use Microsoft Points” and start downloading the role-playing game instantly with no cost attached. There’s only one catch though, you’ll have to be a Xbox Live Gold member to be able to take full advantage of this offer.

Otherwise, Silver members will have to pay the full 3600 MS Points in order to get their copy. There has been no indication on whether or not this is a slight blip on Microsoft’s behalf, or whether it’s a little treat ahead of the highly anticipated E3 conference.

Lionhead announced last week that Fable Anniversary HD collection would be coming in mid-to late 2013. This could be some sort of clue that this offer could in-fact be legitimate. If you’re a gold member, you can download the full game by clicking here and obtaining your copy.

Fable 3 Free Download

Fable 3 Free Download

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