New Battlefield 4 Screenshots Leaked Online

There’s been a massive showcasing of leaked screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield 4 shooter over at the official NSS site. The new images show off the homescreen, dog tags, the new integrated social network, menu, achievements, guns, the game’s weapons and it’s customization.

Battlefield 4 Leaked Images

Battlefield 4 Leaked Images

The in-game screens look completely legitimate, and we don’t quite no how NSS got them, but we’re not complaining and we’re pretty sure you won’t be either. B4 will be out in North America on October 29th, Australia on October 31st, and Europe on 1st November 2013. The highly anticipated shooter will be coming to the next-gen and current gen gaming consoles.

EA are expected to reveal a whole lot for at E3 2013 in just a matter of days. For now though, check out the recently leaked screenshots below:

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