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Free-To-Play Tekken Revolution Will Be A PS3 Exclusive

Tekken Revolution PS3

Free-to-play Tekken Revolution will launch on the PlayStation Network this Tuesday 11th June. The game was outed by the Australian Classification Board way back in the month of April. They also rated the game to be an “M” at the same time.

Revolution will be the latest addition to the long-running fighting series and will also be a PS3 exclusive. The information and dates are all according to Gamespot’s E3 2013 preview.

Make sure to check back and watch the video in the link above at around the 19:30 mark to see much more revealed. What do you make of a new installment to the Tekken franchise? Are you excited, let us know in the comments field below.

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Tekken Revolution was a free-to-play fighting game developed and published by Bandai Namco Games exclusively for the PlayStation 3. It was released in 2013 and was the first Tekken game to use a free-to-play model. The game featured several gameplay changes, including a new “Critical Arts” system and the ability to perform special moves by using a button combination.

The game also included a ranking system that allowed players to compete against each other online and climb the leaderboards. Tekken Revolution received mixed reviews, with critics praising its accessibility but criticising its lack of depth and reliance on microtransactions. The game was eventually shut down in 2017.

Tekken Revolution PS3
Tekken Revolution PS3

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