Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer Presents Firefly

Batman: Arkham Origins developers Warner Bros. have revealed a brand new playable character called Firefly. Watch the new trailer at the footer of this page, which was released alongside the news which focuses on hired assassins trying to finally beat The Dark Knight.

Batman Arkham Origins Firefly

Batman Arkham Origins Firefly

Firefly has his post-Crisis origin story-line as a Hollywood pyrotechnic expert who eventually turns into a psychopath after he loses everything. He’s currently one of eight super-villains that has been cast in the new upcoming title.

Basically, firefly has a ready-made suit that he wears when he decides to go on rampaging arson attacks through the city. He strongly believes that he actually see’s futuristic visions when he looks at the burning flames. He use to roll alongside Killer Moth once upon a time ago, but he now goes solo instead.

We look forward to seeing this guy in action in the near future!

Batman: Arkham Origins fights it’s way to the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on October 25th worldwide.

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