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Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Revealed

Saints Row 4 Australia Release Date

All Interactive Entertainment who’s the local distributor for Saints Row 4, has given out the release date for the game in Australia. It’ll arrive three weeks later than any other country after being announced for a September launch.

Saints Row 4 Australia Release Date
Saints Row 4 Australia Release Date

The long-awaited Australian edition will arrive on September 12th for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC, before launching on the PlayStation 3 on September 19th 2013.

AIE commented in a press release as saying:

Despite every effort being made to keep the release date in line with the rest of the world, the production process meant that a delay was unavoidable.

The director “Robert Kingston” also said in a statement:

We have used every means at our disposal to minimise the delay, but unfortunately it just was not possible to keep the same street date as the rest of the world.

Gamers will be happy to learn that a free Presidential Pack DLC code can be obtained if all the pre-orders of the title are collected from stores within the first 48 hours of release as a way of compensation. You’ll also receive a bunch of outfits to dress the boss as various famous US presidents, and a special limited edition pack with masks.

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