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Saints Row 4 Australia Release Date

Saints Row IV Australian Release Date Revealed

All Interactive Entertainment who’s the local distributor for Saints Row 4, has given out the release date for the game in Australia. It’ll arrive three weeks later than any other country after being announced for a September launch. The long-awaited Australian edition will arrive on September 12th for the Xbox 360 and Windows PC, before […]

Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun Replica

Saints Row IV Gets Replica Dubstep Gun

Saints Row 4 will be getting a super-cool replica dubstep gun after all! The gun looks incredibly unique and can actually play music too. The work of art will have four inputs so you can play your favourite tunes, which will include a radio. The trigger on the gun is used to pause and play […]

Saints Row IV

Saint’s Row 4: Enter The Dominatrix DLC Due After Launch

Volition Inc have announced that the Saint’s Row 4 DLC entitled Enter The Dominatrix will be be out within 45 days of the games release. It’ll be a mockumentary that will star the whole of the games cast. With players fighting various aliens in a virtual world in the DLC, the concept had to be […]

Saints Row IV Bonus

Saints Row 4 Collector’s Edition Revealed

Deep Silver have announced today that a special collector’s edition of Saints Row 4 will be available for pre-order. The retail price is £89.99, and the Wub Wub Edition has been developed in response to numerous community feedback. A 12-inch Dub Step gun replica which features a bitchin’ design, a laser sight, sweet tunes directly […]

Saints Row IV

Saints Row IV Release Date Confirmed

The Saints Row 4 release date has today been confirmed by Deep Silver to be the 20th August 2013 in North America and 23rd August everywhere else. The game will launch on the current major consoles and also on the upcoming next gen video game consoles too. The Third Street Saints storyline will continue in […]