Dying Light 2 Receives a Big Update with Patch 1.10: Here’s What’s New

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Techland has released the “Gut Feeling” update, also known as Update 1.10.0, for Dying Light 2. This major update brings several improvements and new content to the action-horror game, with a particular focus on enhancing the combat with more “physicality and brutality.” Along with these combat updates, the update introduces a gear transmog system, weapon crafting, and the Pilgrim Outpost website with accompanying bounties, providing players with plenty of new features to explore. Fans of Dying Light 2 will find this update a great reason to return to the game and experience all the new content.

After selling over 5 million copies in its first month of availability, Dying Light 2 was released in early February 2022. Since then, Techland has been dedicated to providing continued support and post-launch content, with plans to support the game for at least five years. The Gut Feeling Update, which focuses on adding “physicality and brutality” to the game’s combat, was a planned update and has been released on schedule. Techland has also released and teased DLC and updates focused on factions, challenges, story content, and more.

Patch Notes For Massive Update

The full list of patch notes can be found here via the official website. As its name suggests, the Gut Feeling Update for Dying Light 2 aims to enhance the game’s visceral combat experience. To achieve this, Techland has implemented various visual upgrades such as new dismemberment animations, more detailed damage visuals including exposed bones and eyeballs, improved blood and gore effects, and enhanced smashed head animations.

The update also brings gameplay changes, including improved hit detection for weapon reactions, new dismemberment options for enemy limbs, the ability to dismember enemies through environmental damage, and the addition of burning and electrocution to spread through groups of enemies.

Additional New Features

In addition to the combat improvements, the Gut Feeling Update also introduces some significant new features. One of them is gear transmogrification, which lets players customise their appearance without affecting their gear’s stats. The other major addition is weapon crafting, which is similar to the system in the original Dying Light. Players can collect weapon blueprints and use them to craft weapons with randomised modifiers.

The Pilgrim Outpost website is a unique addition to Dying Light 2. By activating bounties, players can earn Pilgrim Reputation Points upon completion. Accumulating Reputation ranks will reward players with Pilgrim Tokens that can be used at the Armoury to obtain special weapons and outfits that are exclusive to the Pilgrim Outpost. The bounties are updated weekly, offering players the chance to revisit Dying Light 2 for new challenges and rewards.

It also brings more than just improved combat mechanics. There are a host of other changes as well, such as the ability to teleport to co-op partners, rebalanced Howler numbers during night time, the ability to knock over enemies with slides, and improved encounters during the day. These are just some of the many changes and updates that players can expect to find in the update, which is available now.

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