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The Rebirth of Lords of the Fallen: First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Lords Of The Fallen
Lords Of The Fallen

Lords of the Fallen, the highly anticipated reboot, has just unveiled its first action-packed gameplay trailer and confirmed an October release date.

Longing for a Souls-like gaming experience to fill the gap as you anxiously await Elden Ring’s DLC reveal? Hexworks, the developer behind Lords of the Fallen, has finally sated the curiosity of gamers with an exhilarating gameplay trailer. The teaser also discloses the official launch date, set for October 13th, marking it on the calendar of every ardent gamer.

A Taste of the Action: Lords of the Fallen’s Gritty New Trailer

The game does not shy away from its Souls roots! With an expansive fantasy realm, challenging and fearsome bosses, and cryptic dialogue hinting at a compelling story – which you’ll probably decode via YouTube lore compilations rather than decipher yourself. Lords of the Fallen seems to have it all. What’s more, it’s all oddly paired with Iron Maiden’s ‘Fear of the Dark’. While it’s an unexpected choice for a game soundtrack, heavy metal oddly complements the game’s gritty theme, albeit with a unique tonal twist.

Despite the trailer not showcasing unadulterated gameplay, it certainly raises hopes for the forthcoming release! While it may not redefine gaming conventions, there’s something oddly comforting about the prospect of a game where you can simply duck, dodge and frequently succumb to overwhelming foes without delving too deeply into the complexities.

Lords of the Fallen is a re-envisioning of the 2014 namesake game, originally teased in 2015 but officially reintroduced as a reboot at the Gamescom Opening Night Live last year. The game’s narrative picks up a millennium after the original title, acting as a spiritual successor while boasting a map five times the size of its predecessor.

Get ready to dive into Lords of the Fallen on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC when it charges onto the scene on October 13th.

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