Payday 3: The Heist of System Requirements Unveiled

Payday 3 System Requirements Revealed
Payday 3 System Requirements Revealed

Strike the alarm bells and dust off your clown masks, gamers! Starbreeze Studios, the grand masterminds behind the gritty heist caper Payday series, have finally opened up on the PC hardware requirements for their much-anticipated threequel, Payday 3.

We’ve been chomping at the bit for this long-overdue follow-up to the DLC-packed Payday 2. With the calendar inching closer to the grand release in late September, Starbreeze is slowly turning the lock to unveil the mysteries of their next big heist, the latest key being those all-important system requirements.

Rumours had been swirling that Payday 3, with its sleek and sexy new engine, would be turning the graphical dial up to 11 and might, therefore, require a veritable supercomputer to run smoothly. Thankfully, Starbreeze’s demands for entry to the bank-robbing bonanza aren’t as ludicrously high as some of today’s behemoth PC game releases. Nevertheless, it’s worth keeping one keen eye on how this all pans out on launch day regarding optimisation and performance. We’ve all seen games crash and burn faster than a dodgy bank job on the first day of release.

The Great Hardware Reveal: The Requirements for Payday 3

Payday 3 System Requirements
Payday 3 System Requirements

Starbreeze has thrown us a bone with the suggestion that Nvidia’s trusty GTX 1080 with 8GB VRAM should suffice to run Payday 3 at the recommended settings. This might seem like a ray of hope for those loyal gamers still clinging to their ancient battle stations, but let’s not start popping the champagne just yet. Starbreeze’s system requirements, revealed on the game’s Steam page, were about as informative as a mime at a police lineup. No clues about the specific settings or performance goals the devs had in mind. Is the GTX 1080 set to deliver a performance worthy of an Oscar, or a Razzie? The jury’s out until we get some more concrete details from our elusive friends at Starbreeze.

The news that’s raised a few eyebrows, not to mention hackles, is the switch to an always-online model. Even if you’re planning to pull off your audacious heists in solo style, you’ll still need to be wired into Starbreeze’s servers, with no offline play available. This has gone down about as well as a fart in a bank vault, particularly among the hardcore fans and modding enthusiasts who enjoyed such freedoms in Payday 2.

On the bright side, early gameplay trailer peeks at Payday 3 have hinted at a logical and slick evolution of the mechanics that made Payday 2 a fan favourite. Stealth and combat have had a shiny new polish, and Starbreeze is clearly keen on preserving the core gameplay loop that players know and love, while serving up a buffet of enhancements.

Set predominantly in the hustle and bustle of New York, Payday 3 will whisk players away from the familiar surroundings of its predecessor. However, given that the last installment ended up taking us on a madcap quest for extraterrestrial artefacts, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to expect a few wild curveballs from the new game too.

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Get ready to suit up, because Payday 3 will be blasting onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S on September 21st.

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